Emergency Communications
Emergency Communications


  • To meet with the community and introduce them to emergency communications.
  • To assist the community in realizing the existence of alternate modes of communications.
  • To foster community interest and training in attaining a certified radio service license.
  • To enhance the availability and accessibility of radio communications to the public.
  • To assist public & civil organizations with an edict to serve the community in an emergency.
  • To promote emergency and public service communications.


The Emergency Communications Group (ECG) was established in 2014 in the City of Riverside, as an auxiliary communications asset for the City of Riverside Fire Department - CERT program. Our focus is to develop and foster interoperability between auxiliary radio operators and disaster preparation/relief volunteers. In an effort to fulfill this vision, the group has put into place a networking portal to promote discussions relevant to radio operations, disaster preparedness, disaster relief coordination, training, and event coordination. We also offer a weekly Net ("Live" on the air discussion) to practice good radio operation skills and discuss topics found on our portal.

The Riverside EmComm Group (Riverside ECG) has a weekly communications network or "NET." This "Net" is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Our discussions are related to operations conducted with City of Riverside CERT members, but we encourage other CERT organizations to join us. The purpose of the Net is to focus on inter-neighborhood communication capabilities in the event of a catastrophic event. The members of this network are dedicated to providing assistance to their neighbors during catastrophic incidents.

  • KD6DDM Repeater (Sierra Peak)
  • Frequency 146.610 MHz
  • Tone or PL 103.5 MHz
  • (-) Offset; -0.6 MHz or -600 KHz
  • Echolink Node #: 497278  or KD6DDM-R
  • Every Wednesday at 8:00 P.M.

Special "THANKS" goes out to the repeater owner "David Summers KD6DDM" for the use of the repeater

EmComm Group Affiliates

Riverside ECG members are affiliated with many local and regional emergency services anteties; both in the public and private sectors . Being an affiliate allows us access to a wide breath of knowledge, training, and experience. ECG members have emparted their skillset on others wishing to become an active auxilary communicator or wishing to practice their pershiable communication skills.

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